Spirits of the Earth and of the Sky

Spirits of the Earth and of the Sky

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The shamanic cards for healing and awareness are born of the symbolic and imaginative heritage of all of humanity at the roots of which rests the practice of shamanism: the direct experience of spiritual forces animating the living world. These forces support us in the understanding of our current state of being and offer clear indications on what is ahead of us. They guide us along our journeys to overcome the difficulties we encounter along the way and help us see our journey as an exciting adventure, wonderful and completely fulfilling.

Author: Stefano Fusi

Paintings: Stefano Fusi

Booklet + 64 card deck in a box

Format card deck: 6,8×11,5

Format (booklet): 10×14,5

Pages: 72

Price: 35 €

ISBN 978-88-95595-21-8

spiriti della terra e del cielo1c