Giovanni Fabio


Born in Calabria he resides in Casnate near Como in Northern Italy. Married and father of two children he was not lucky enough to ever see their faces for he lost his sight and left arm during an explosion in 1952. Despite his misfortune and thanks to his willpower and love for life, he terminated his studies at a college for the blind with a secretary diploma. He has worked at the city hall of Sesto San Giovanni and later on at the representative offices of Lombardy. He has been manager of the National Association of the Blind after the war and later had become Counsellor of Northern Italy. Since 1993 he is volunteering at the Sprofondo Association founded by don Renzo Scapolo for which he has also been VP for many projects to help the people of the Balkan regions. In 2004 he organized a foundraising for orphan children of the victims of the Tsunami in Sri Lanka. The President of the Italian Republic has bestowed him with the honorable merit of Official and Chevalier.

The most important reason why he writes is a strong desire to help the children of the Ivory Coast.

The author is devolving all profits from the sale of his books to the Association Amici di Adwa