Cristina Oliva-Klos


Cristina Arianna Oliva was born in Como in 1973 under the sign of Pisces. She has lived for many years in the United States where she has earned a B.A. in psychology from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. She has subsequently worked in New York City for a multinational advertising company.

In 2000 she moved to Germany with her family and become blessed with the birth of Nicholas and later Kevin.

Since 2004 she lives in Italy in a small town near Como. In 2010 Sebastian, her third boy was born and later in 2011 she founded LALBERO publishing, the same one that has published this book and many others with the goal of spreading positive messages for the growth of people of all ages and walks of life.

Cristina has always been passionate about books that touch the human soul and promote personal growth.

Tiziana Biuso has illustrated “Cuore di zucca – Pumpkin Heart” Cristina’s first bilingual tale. In the works are three new tales.